Infinity Pearls Ltd for Your Next School Event!

Infinity Pearls Ltd for Your Next School Event!

We’ve worked with the most creative, dynamic and innovative schools, colleges and student groups in Uganda and beyond to produce events that make an impact! Whatever the event, whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, we’re there to help! Hundreds of faculty, student and parent groups have produced fun and innovative events with our assistance. We have a huge inventory of interactive entertainment options, including branded products for students to take home.

Two Easy Options To Quickly Find What You Need: Browse our entire inventory and select what you need.

1. Give us a call and let our event planners assist you with some, or all, of the event details. Either way, you can expect professional, courteous service, clean, well-maintained equipment and an attention to detail that will let you know you’re in good hands.


Infinity Pearls

Over 10 Years experience

Fast, Friendly & Efficient

Hands on approach

Excellent Customer Services

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