Uganda Safaris

Uganda is Africa condensed and as such, Uganda offers the ultimate Africa safari experience. Uganda has ten national parks, the river Nile, Lake Victoria and numerous other lakes, mountain ranges, rift valley, savannah grasslands and dense tropical forests. Given such diverse vegetation, a Uganda Safari will give you the chance to see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, some of the 1000 species of birds like the famous shoebill, lions, African elephants and other big game.

On a Uganda Safari, you’ll also get to experience Uganda’s rich and diverse culture and above all Uganda’s legendary hospitality. Whether you are looking to book a group safari, a family safari or a honeymoon Uganda Safari, we have just the safari for you! Choose from any one of our popuar Uganda Safaris. Or better still, get in touch for a customised Uganda Safari tailored for you with the help of one of our knowledgeable safari weavers!